The Learning Cove

“Preparing Our Future Generation For Success”


Ed and Jeanee have spent many years in both education and business sectors. In addition, they have consulted with dozens of leading preschool experts in both the USA and Europe. After amassing a countless amount of data and knowledge, and touring hundreds of childcare centers, Ed and Jeanee realized the current early child education market was not as strong as could be. The perception of “dirty daycares” was all too common. Nearly all preschools, even the top tier chains hire “teachers” with very little formal education and place them on minimum wage type salaries. Hence, the turnover rates become high and overall quality of care suffers.

The Learning Cove requires lead teachers in our 3 and 4 y/o classes to have at minimum, a Bachelor Degree in Early Childhood Education or Education. The federal government requires Head Start preschool teachers to carry the above qualifications yet, only a handful of private, super exclusive preschools in the USA have this requirement. All of our lead teachers and teacher assistants are paid salaries well above the industry average. Ed and Jeanee are convinced this is the best way to achieve quality outcomes. Recent studies predict the job market will be even more competitive in the next 10-20 years. Whether your child goes on to an Ivy League University or to a 1 year technical program to learn a skilled trade, the job market will be more competitive. Our lead teachers will expose your children to incredible educational, emotional, and social skills which will get them on course to succeed in life.

The Learning Cove utilizes a traditional yet modern preschool learning model (as opposed to Waldorf, Montessori & Reggio Emilia) so that the transition to public and private school kindergarten is seamless. Due to increased technology in the public and private school settings, The Learning Cove incorporates use of computer tablets for learning purposes in the upper age classrooms. In addition, Dance, Music and Physical Education programs are available to give children a well-rounded educational experience.

Parents, the choice is simple. Invest in your child during the period when their brain will grow and develop the most. Enrolling your child in a Learning Cove Preschool will provide the best investment possible.

It is essential that preschools employ degreed lead teachers. Teaching is a skill set. That skill set includes knowledge of a range of developmentally appropriate practices. I applaud what TLC is doing. Cindy Terebush, CPC, CYPFC
Certified Professional and Youth, Parent, Family Coach, Speaker & Workshop, Facilitator, Director of Schools

TLC's strategic investment in higher quality staffing is a testament to its visionary leadership in early education, 
Sam X Renick, Entrepreneur,
Nationally Renowned Children's Author