The Learning Cove

“Preparing Our Future Generation For Success”




Our infant room is a large area designed to create a welcoming, warm, safe, and secure environment for your child. Your child’s first years are full of discovery and growth. We’ll stimulate your baby’s cognitive, emotional, physical needs. Our infant room is by far, the largest and best equipped infant room in the area. Our staff is made of dedicated infant care professionals. This is a room of great importance as all future learning and growth begins here.

  • Home & School balance - Our staff will work with you to develop a schedule that includes naptimes, playtimes, and meal times.
  • Stimulation - The classroom will be filled with toys, books, and classical music to help your child develop at his or her own pace.
  • Communication - Our staff will work with your child to develop language and motor skills through classical music, games, and sign language.
  • Transition - We will help transition your child from infant to toddler with lots of hands on learning, exploration, and self-help skills.
  • Adventure and Growth-Infants are taken outside each and every day on a tour of our campus. Our 6 seat "Baby Buggy" allows infant room staff members to give all our infants some fresh air each day.
  • Love & Laughs-Our infant room staff will supply plenty of hugs each day.
  • An infant can never get enough hugs. Infant laughs can be heard daily as our young ones explore and play on our extra spacious padded floor area.
  • In addition, our padded floor area provides an excellent environment for our infants to take their 1st steps. When taking 1st steps, infants can fall down. Parents can be assured that our padded flooring will catch their fall and infants will avoid bruising etc.

Play Area


Our one year old classroom is a place where our precious babies become toddlers!
We understand that children between the ages of 12 months and 24 months are full of energy, active and curious! Individual attention, close supervision, and responsive caregiving are critical to future development.

A vast variety of gross motor activities are promoted at this stage. Crawling under the tunnel, walking feet around the classroom, dancing and singing in our circle time; climbing, riding, running, tossing, catching, and throwing on the playground, among other activities are the most important part of our "1 year old" schedule.
One year olds are developing self-confidence as their motor skills improve. A great change that occurs between 12 and 24 months is the child's ability to begin to express themselves. They are developing their own identity and sense of self, as well as learning to build relationships with their classmates.
Our goal for our one year old classroom is to facilitate the children as they learn to be independent. Learning basic skills such as feeding themselves, dressing themselves and cleaning up the toys. We spend time nurturing each child verbally and non-verbally with consistent praise and lots of hugs.
We provide the children with plenty of opportunities for active play as well as time each day for art and music. The classroom is set up with different areas for reading books, dramatic play, manipulatives and active play. The materials and play equipment are always accessible to the children, creating opportunities for the children to make choices throughout the day, as well as being age appropriate.
Teachers are always there to help the children sort their feelings by naming the times a child is scared, angry, sad, happy or proud. Interest in what a child is saying, the teachers listens carefully and expands on a child's message.

TwosClean Classroom
Green Desks and Stairs


Daily Activities and lessons plans will keep your toddler happy and engaged throughout the day. The classroom is designed to create a welcoming and cheerful environment for exploration and learning. The day will be structured with a balance of learning games and toys, story times, music, movement activities, and a balance of quiet time. Our toddler room is large in size, capable of providing learning to 28 students. The room has been refurbished and contains some of the finest learning tools available in the early childhood education field. Our staff is comprised of the highest caliber preschool teachers in the area.

Learning areas are available for imaginary play, blocks, puzzles, books and more.
Self-help skills are learned through practicing hand-washing, picking up toys, self-feeding, sharing with friends.
Children will potty train at their own pace. Your child’s teacher will work with you and your child to provide an environment for success.
Circle time, stories, and songs will encourage your child’s language skills.
Our teacher-student ratios are below the requirements set forth by the Florida Dept of Children and Families.
The children in our toddler room have a separate playground away from the children who are three and four years old. The playground has been redone with new, state of the art toys and equipment.
Toddle teachers help children find appropriate ways to establish themselves by supporting their individuality, giving them choices when possible, and introducing social concepts.

Kindergarten Classroom


A big and bright classroom and playground will pave the way to a successful learning experience. The ultimate goal is to prepare your child to enter kindergarten and to inspire them to become a successful lifetime learner. Our Three year old room is one of our favorites. It is large enough to accommodate 25 students. We would never put 25 students in this classroom but, it gives one the sense of size students have to work with. As with all The Learning Cove classrooms, the "Threes" room has state of the art learning tools and is staffed by some of the best early learning school educators in the area.

  • The classroom is designed to facilitate center based learning with imaginary play, art, music, science, math, and language development.
  • Our learning centers allow children to practice decision making skills and develop self-confidence with guidance from our staff.
  • Each child in encouraged to develop at his or her own pace
  • Both independent and shared learning opportunities are planned.
  • Art history, world culture, foreign language, music appreciation, and manners are all incorporated into our curriculum.
  • Our research based curriculum prepares students for Kindergarten and beyond.
  • Our teacher-student ratios in this room are below those set forth by the Florida Dept. of Children and Families
  • This room has been refurbished and provides students with an incredible area for learning enhancement.
  • Students in this room have their own 1 acre playground that is separated from children in the younger rooms.

Yellow Chairs
Classroom With Yellow Walls


The ultimate goal is to prepare your child to enter kindergarten and to inspire them to become a successful lifetime learner. Each daily lesson plan is geared to developing your child’s foundational skills, self-expression, and enrichment.

  • Music and movement classes will develop rhythm and physical activity
  • Computer skills will help develop your child’s technological skills.
  • Social and Emotional Development helps your child to learn self-concept, self-control, relationships with adults and peers and solving social problems.
  • Physical Health which impacts every aspect of development and learning. (e.g., dental care, nutritional choices, following basic and safety rules and habits).
  • Approaches to learning helps to demonstrate how your child learns new skills.
  • Our classroom environment is rich with language, new experiences, and conversation, that helps children develop skills in understanding Language and Communication
  • Emergent Literacy teaches your child to write and eventually read! These skills open doors to a world of learning, discovery, and creativity.
  • Mathematical and Scientific Thinking consist of the skills and strategies that children use to discover and learn about their world.
  • While learning about Social Studies and the Arts, children identifying characteristics of familiar people and understanding family roles and relationships. New ways of inspecting and observing places and the environment.
  • Motor Development such as Gross Motor (e.g., balance, control, coordination of movements by the body’s large muscles) and Fine Motor (e.g., strength and control; eye-hand coordination; control of writing, drawing, and art tools).