The Learning Cove

“Preparing Our Future Generation For Success”


If you are a private pay preschool, licensed for 60+ and looking to take the next step to increased enrollments, enhanced teaching techniques and increased profits, TLC Preschool Consultants can help you get there. As preschool tuition costs become as expensive as college tuition, parents are demanding more for their private preschool dollar. Our sector must rise to the challenge and prove value in order to profit.

Formed by the owners of The Learning Cove Preschool, TLC Preschool Consultants are assisting in filling a void in the fast growing market of top tier, high quality preschools. By investing in higher caliber teachers combined with enhanced teaching strategies, your school can capitalize on this growing segment in the ECE marketplace. We can assist you with:

• Top level hiring and recruiting practices
• Employee Systems Implementation
• Powerful Website Design
•SEO Optimization
• P & L Enhancement Techniques
• Employee Handbook/Policies/Job Description
• Effective Marketing Strategies
• Enhanced Teaching Techniques
• Management Training and Motivatation

TLC Preschool Consultants are made up of preschool owners/directors with start up, turnaround, and education franchise experience. Unlike the current crop of national ECE consultants, TLC Preschool Consultants consist of a comprehensive consulting team that will not only advise you on strategies to drive enrollment, but also teaching techniques which will keep your enrollments coming back to your school because high outcomes are being shown. Please contact us for a free consultation.